Vim ios 開發插件幫助文檔精華 – iPhone手機開發技術文章 iPhone軟體開發教學課程


  1. :help cocoa
  2. cocoa.vim uses snipMate to code completion
    • useful plugin: objc_matchbracket.vim
    • :ListMethods
    • :BuildMethods .h -> .m
    • look document
      • :CocoaDoc
      • K
      • Xcode-like mappings
        • A Alternate between header (.h) and implementation (.m) file
        • K Look up documentation for word under cursor
        • equal A
        • Build & Run (Go)
        • CMD-R
        • Build
        • Clean
        • Go to Project
        • :ListMethods
        • (in insert mode) Show omnicompletion menu
        • Comment out line
        • Decrease indent
        • Increase indent


          1. :A switches to the header file corresponding to the current file being edited (or vise versa)
          2. :AS splits and switches
          3. :AV vertical splits and switches
          4. :AT new tab and switches
          5. :AN cycles through matches
          6. :IH switches to file under cursor
          7. :IHS splits and switches
          8. :IHV vertical splits and switches
          9. :IHT new tab and switches
          10. :IHN cycles through matches
          11. ih switches to file under cursor
          12. is switches to the alternate file of file under cursor (e.g. on switches to foo.cpp)
          13. ihn cycles through matches


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