ADF 發佈Android IOS 開發平臺 – iPhone手機開發技術文章 iPhone軟體開發教學課程

從實現上看上使用ADF的JBO來實現業務邏輯,通過HTML5 build 頁面。 看上去不錯,改天有空玩玩。

Several unique aspects to Oracle ADF Mobile solution:
Develop once run on many – same code base used for both iOS and Android applicaitons
Uses Java – no need to learn device specific languages
Leverage ADF – same concepts you are familiar with (component based UI construction, taskflow, data controls)
Leverage JDeveloper – same development environment you know, same declarative and visual style.
Create native looking applications – HTML 5 based UI components (that you can also skin)
Use device services – Leverage the camera, SMS, location, contact etc without learning device specific APIs
Create Hybrid applications – run on the device and able to consume remote data and UI if neede