form basics

 Web forms are represented by the    < form >    element in HTML and by the   HTMLFormElement  type in
JavaScript. The   HTMLFormElement  type inherits from   HTMLElement  and therefore has all of
the same default properties as other HTML elements. However,   HTMLFormElement  also has the
following additional properties and methods:
  acceptCharset   —  The character sets that the server can process; equivalent to the HTML
                                 accept – charset  attribute. 
  action   —  The URL to send the request to; equivalent to the HTML   action  attribute. 
  elements   —  An   HTMLCollection  of all controls in the form.
  enctype   —  The encoding type of the request; equivalent to the HTML   enctype  attribute. 
  length   —  The number of controls in the form.
  method   —  The type of HTTP request to send, typically    “ get ”    or    “ post ”   ; equivalent to the
                      HTML   method  attribute. 
  name   —  The name of the form; equivalent to the HTML   name  attribute. 
  reset()   —  Resets all form fields to their default values.
  submit()   —  Submits the form.
  target   —  The name of the window to use for sending the request and receiving the response;
                    equivalent to the HTML   target  attribute.



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